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15 Sneaky Ways to Detect a Fake News Site

After we spent some time actually reviewing our own website, it has become apparent that satire and fake news is has become a problem in the Owensboro area. Sure, the authors and some readers may find it really freakin’ hilarious, but others just don’t pick up on it no matter how blatantly obvious it is.

To help you with this, we have a compiled a list of 15 ways you can spot a fake news or satire site.

  • 1) Many fake news or satire sites will try to grab your attention with an enticing headline usually formatted like “[RANDOM NUMBER] [ADJECTIVE] ways to [VERB] a [NOUN].”
  • 2) Fake news an satire sites don’t typically have editers. Because of this; you may notice frequent mistakes in grammer.
  • 3) English very bad in some to. Beware of phrases of much nonsense.
  • 4) Look for an author on the. Most credible sources list the name of the journalist who wrote the story while satire and fake news sites will use anonymous or fake names.
  • 5) Check the About Us page of the site. Often fake news and satire sites will have vague information while credible sources will give in depth information about the organization.
  • 7) In lists, many fake news or satire sites will skip numbers by mistake or intentionally.
  • 8) Actually read the article. Often satirist will leave subtle clues that their work is fiction. You know…subtle clues like an entire damn article about it.
  • 9) Read the other stories on the site. Do they seem realistic? If not, it’s probably fake news or satire.
  • 13) Check number 7. If the writer gets lazy it might happen multiple times.
  • 14) In 1958, Mark Zickerbarg said, “We have found that 82% of fake news websites made up statistics and often attributed them to names that were fictional.”
  • 15) If all else fails and you’re still unsure, check with nation’s leading expert on fake news, Snopes Donald J. Trump.

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