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P.E.T.A. Likely Behind Chopped Owensboro Barbeque Festivity

Leaked documents indicate lobbyists with the group P.E.T.A. (People Ending Traditions Abruptly) may have influenced local festivity committee members to slice the big event down from a weekend affair to a single day.

The group aims to end any & all rituals of fun and comradery especially ones that involve eating food. It seems that the group originally has beefed with the event committee for years and desired to have the entire event cancelled but settled for a shorted event instead.

An person claiming to be a member of the group agreed to speak with Enduring Owensboro anonymously as long as we did not spill the beans. “Obviously we didn’t get everything we wanted…we had to settle with a meat in the middle approach. “

Facebook comments on the matter ranged from ‘well done festivity committee’ to ‘you guys butchered this.’

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