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Owensboro Saves $86,753.09 per Year by Not Raking Concrete Leaves

An independent study has found the city is saving taxpayers a substantial chunk of money due to one clever intern.

The former intern, who asked to be identified only by Jenny, made critical decisions in the development of Smothers Park.

“At first, they were planning to hang concrete leaves on the concrete trees. The idea was that eventually those leaves would give way and drop to the ground, thus simulating the autumn season that real trees experience,” Jenny told Enduring Owensboro.

Those plans were scrapped when Jenny brought up that raking concrete leaves would lead to massive personnel and operating expenses.

Jenny said, “I don’t know how much my comment saved the city, but I know it was a lot.”

A recent study by Tutone Consultants shows the city saved $86,753.09 by making the change to a leafless tree. 

Enduring Owensboro was there when Mayor Holmes called the former intern to tell her the firm’s findings.

“Jenny, I’ve got your number!” the mayor proudly exclaimed.

3 thoughts on “Owensboro Saves $86,753.09 per Year by Not Raking Concrete Leaves

  1. Because dead trees are highly attractive…not. An alternative should be found because “one of the best parks in the country” is comprised of dead trees. Highly dissatisfied to say the least.

  2. This is ignorant. I’m hearing the same thing now as when someone exclaims “I saved $50 for buying the item on sale for $400!” If the ridiculous trees were never built in the first place, us tax payers would have saved even more, shocker!!

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