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OMU Wins Rap Battle Against Kenergy After Dropping Some Hot Lines

OWENSBORO, KY – On Friday afternoon, OMU and Kenergy got together for the 1st Centennial Daviess County Utility Rap Battle Expo. After winning the coin toss, Kenergy elected to be the first to drop some knowledge with the following verse:

Aye aye…
Yeah we serve our members, keep the lights on
but OMU stepped so now the fights on
they try to say they’re reliable
but we da best that’s undeniable
we don’t mean to be derogative
but we’re your Touchstone Cooperative

The crowd cheered as OMU stepped up to the mic and let loose with their response:

Yeah, yeah..
Local people, local service
that’s our slogan and y’all lookin’ kinda nervous
This whole battle will be a walk in the park
cause we roll right now and when the house goes dark
you got the price…but we got the power
y’all better call backup cause it’ll take an hour
Who had the best rhyme? It was OMU
Better luck next time, it was nice knowing you

OMU dropped the mic sending 69,000 volts down the wire which instantly ignited and caught the field on fire. Owensboro Fire Department and Daviess County Fire Department were called in to fight the fire.

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