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Home Alone Stunt Double House for Sale in Owensboro

The original Home Alone house is somewhere in Chicago but after the success of the first movie, the house was inundated with tourists which drove the residents insane.

When the studio asked to use the home for the opening scenes in the second movie, the homeowners declined saying, “keep the change ya filthy animals.”

Desperate to find a house similar enough to the original for 10 seconds of video, the producers found a home on Griffith Avenue in Owensboro, Kentucky that was just good enough to get the job done citing, “no one really watches the first 3 minutes of the movie…everyone is just finding their seat in the theater or looking for the remote to adjust the volume.”

Former MMA fighter turned realtor Blossom Roberts says the home is currently listed at $1.8 million dollars and if you buy it today he’ll buy you milk, eggs, and fabric softener.

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